If it’s not on the Good Fish list, it’s a Bad Fish.

As of early 2014, just forty two reef fish species kept in saltwater aquariums were successfully bred in captivity and available for purchase (in varying degrees). That’s 42 of roughly 1800 reef fish species currently kept in saltwater tanks. The Good Fish list is comprised of those 42.

Tank Watch also exposes the fifty most popular and frequently imported Bad Fish from the remaining 1,760 species that can’t yet be bred in captivity but are purchased by aquarists, nonetheless.

Tank Watch raises public awareness about the plight of coral reef wildlife. It dispels the myth that captive fish are captive bred and clears any confusion about the origin of wildlife encountered in saltwater aquariums.

Successful breeding of highly sought after species is still years, and possibly decades, away, making the identification process simple for conscientious aquarists and coral reef champions.

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